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and so say all of us, they were hopping mad the docklands forum didnt include any councillors. I was looking at South Docks plan (how sad is that) and it basically pulls from 11 plans that were done previously e,g, national spatial strategy, CASP and all that craic. South Docks is seriously detailed , looks quite good but its just the frustration you feel that this could be one of many lovely plans and nothing might happen.

Docklands forum was meeting quite regularly for a while and seemed to be getting things done, the search for funding seems to be next and forms and proposals have to make it safely through various government depts (so you can imagine how thats being fast tracked….) and then hits the EU. Faint hopes i suppose that the bridge funding might come from the EU borrowing . So bad though, if the airport had been monitored correctly, the money would be there for the bridge. And where are CIE with the masterplan for HOrgans quay?

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