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@the hawk wrote:

Oh but of course I would. I am all for destroying heritage and communities. Come on grow up and jump to the right of lenin.We have agencies such as our local authorities and bord pleanala whose duties are to allow for development in an orderly fashion and in a manner which allows for a reasonable working and living enviornment. No matter what the pinkos say i would not like my kids going to a national school next to a drug rehab centre or a sexual offenders reform clinic. I appreciate the examples given are of an extreme nature, but in a free economy no right minded business person would locate his or her headquarters beside a homeless hostel, or locate a 5 star hotel in such an enviornment.

Well firstly I object to your associating homeless people with sex offenders. If you have any evidence whatsoever that people who live in homeless shelters pose a serious threat to those living near them I’d like to see it. As far as I’m concerned, homeless shelters should be on every main street so that people can see the dark underbelly of the capitalism which they worship. And I don’t think any allowances should be made for cutthroat money obsessed scumbags (who threaten our children far more than homeless people) who feel a little bit icky having to look at the victims of their rotten system.

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