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@Pug wrote:

re the banks, no its not free and nor is it 400bn which is a theoretical figure – media has seized on many things over the last few days, i’m not saying its not a jittery time though – as for it costing each household €250k, thats grand, I have zero to spare so Inda Kenny will have to pay more out of his recently approved pay rise, perhaps doing an absolute basic like providing receipts for expenses might be a good start for the politicians

on a lighter note, Harbour Cat Ferries has applied for a passenger landing station at Horgans Quay – cue the planners referring to the Masterplan we have been waiting for from CIE for years

Jittery times indeed. I will sleep a little easier though knowing that Enda Kenny is not handling the crisis, what “lucky bag” did FG win him in?
Fingers crossed that the budget will provide the necessary kick start for the docklands.

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