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Shanekeane, please don’t misinterpret my previous post. My comments there were not ideological, rather an opinion on how things ACTUALLY are. I don’t approve/disapprove, I just think that just aout everything in the development game comes down to money.

There is a funny double standard in Ireland, where just about everyone is stuffing their pockets as much as they can, while pretending to be more concerned about other things. I could give you dozens of examples. In other countries they are more transparent about it, e.g. USA. Then you have some countries e.g. Sweden where there is a genuine social contract, and everyone is willing to buy into that, pay more taxes etc. But Ireland does ot really have that type of social contract. Here people pretend to be all concerned and caring, while looking after No. 1.

If you don’t agree with me that’s fine. If you can persuade me to change my opinion, I’m all ears.

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