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Originally Posted by shanekeane
A perfect example of the heartless glossing over of the problems of those at the bottom of society by capitalism. Obviously the best solution is to banish the homeless to some dingy suburb where the SUV driving latte drinkers don’t have to be reminded of the wickedness of the system and of the fragility of all that exists


Ah lads. Lets give over on this kind of talk. We’re all in this business for the money. Don’t be giving me the “social conscience” mullarky. Here are some of the characters:

Big developer: In it for the big money. Organises stunts with the Sculpture Factory et al for cover, salves the conscience, looks good.

Big Architect: In it for good money, plus the praise, awards, but mostly the money. Talks a good project, but charges a good fee.

Local Authority Planner: Gets good job security, loads of holidays, sick days etc. Can p**s off arrogant developers if sees fit. Can wield power and massage own ego. Maybe even get a good brown envelope, well, maybe not anymore?

Big builder: in it for the money. Purely.

Councillor: in it for the money. Expenses? Backhanders? Favours?

Young architect: will eventually be in it for the money.

City Manager: in it for the ego, and the money.

“Homeless” people: in it for whatever it takes to get away from whatever it is they are trying to get away from.

As adults, lets be honest. This whole business is about money, 95%.

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