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It’s not so much about sweeping the homeless under the carpet and banishing them to a dingy suburb although I think you’ll find that’ is the policy that Rudy Giuliani implemented to clean up Manhattan during his time as Mayor in that city.

There seems to be a unwillingness to tackle the problems of begging, street drinking and homelessness in Ireland. Organisations such as Simon are underfunded and rely on donations to keep going.

However in Cork docklands which is destined for much investment and attempting to pitch itself as an attractive place to live, work and socialise the presence of a large homeless hostel with its associated antisocial problems is a problem.

It is perhaps a sign of the Irish peoples relationship with alcohol that many of those who slip between the cracks in society develop problems with alcohol. Being homeless is one problem – being alcoholic is another. For some reason in many cases though in Ireland the two are inextricably linked.

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