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Joe Gavin has been city manager when permission to build on sports pitches on the Tank Field was greenlit, when GAA and Rugby clubs spend more time as car parks than sports facilities, when he is proposing a variation (No.9) of the city development plan to allow for rezoning of sports pitches in Bishopstown.
Don’t bank on Cork Con remaining as a sports facility.

“Although Cork City Council and city manager Joe Gavin have said they will reject approaches for rezoning of existing sports facilities, developers O’Callaghan Properties are expected to submit “innovative plans to Cork City Council in due course to develop a village-type focus for Temple Hill, and to create significant new public recreational space in the area replacing the current private sports facility,” said a company spokesperson”

Above is an exrtact from the examiner from last year. Given that Joe seems to have lost his bearings in relation to his convictions, the money and effort spent by O’Callaghan may not have been in vain. And there was I thinking that Owen had lost his marbles. Fancy that. I wonder how many cosy fireside chats joe has with the “click”. Development plans are contracts between Planning Authorities and the Public, and for the CEO of an Authority to have such blatent disrergard for those who pay his salary is dispicable.I dont know the terms of the purchase of Faranlee road or Temple hill, but any negotiated figure would surely have been less if agreed pre any rezoning, and moreover taking Gavin’s previous pious pronouncements into account. It is sickening and should not be allowed to stand.

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