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Hi there, was wondering if you guys can help me. I want to find out where all projects currently under construction or proposed are.

I made this map and I know I’ve probably forgotten some stuff, or it mightn’t be in the right place, etc. I know the exact size of the sites, etc aren’t going to be accurate but I just want to know what all the different developments are. Thanks you. šŸ™‚

The map:

Under Construction

1: Eglinton St development:
2: Academy St:
3: Dunnes Stores, Patrick St.
4: Halfmoon Street Development
5: Cornmarket St Centre (mostly done)
6: Beasley Street
7: Don’t know what this is called
8: Just finished (or almost) building opposite the college of com.
9: Random building on a side street off South Mall
10: Tyndal Institute Expansion
11: Building on Sunday’s Well
12: Wellington Road development
13: UCC IT Centre


1: Howard Holdings development
2: R&H Hall site:
3: City Library Proposal
4: Government Buildings proposal
5: Grand Parade development (old Cineplex)
6: Kyrl’s Quay
7: Oliver Plunkett House
8: Anderson House
9: Anderson Quay
10: Bank Of Ireland Replacement
11: Metropole Expansion

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