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Popped head in at lunchtime (didn’t go into TK Maxx, just the centre itself). What jumps out at you is that, not alone is TK Maxx the only shop open (as in fairness was flagged in advance) but there is no indication whatsoever that any other shop is likely to open in the near future. Have other shops signed up? If so its surprising each unit doesn’t identify on its presently blank outer walls what exactly is “coming soon”.

There seems to be some fit out going on in the unit directly under TK Maxx, but otherwise nada.

I’d be interested to see what’s happening with the church too. It didn’t really seem integrated into the rest of the centre, but the only direct entrances it has itself have steps and I would have thought there’d have to be disabled access somewhere.

Also, was that entrance with the metal doors on the right hand side of the church always there. It doesn’t look new, so I assume it’s not part of the development. Whenever it got put there, it was a real act of vandalism on the building.

As for the sign on the Paul St side. It does look awful, but part of me is glad that we’re complaining about an individual sign. Normally with retail developments in the centre of Cork (Merchant’s Quay, North Main St SC…) we get to complain about the entire development, so having complaints about the details is actually an improvement!

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