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@the hawk wrote:

yes we can laugh now, but I bet those in Dublin battling the flooded m50 struggle to find the humor. Urban sprawl has gridlocked our Capitol, with souless estates devoid of amenity creeping Inexorably beyond the county boundaries. With our recent population increase compounding over the coming decades future generations will have to live with any mistakes that are made now.

Plenty of ex-pat Dubs down here in Cork who got wise a few years ago – Cork has a great city centre core,fantastic harbour,easy quick access to west Cork & Kerry & I can be in Kinsale in 20 minutes from my house)

Dublin has all the hassles of a big city and very few of the infrastructural amenities or advantages.

Love Dublin and it should be a great capital city but its creeping low density urban sprawl permanent traffic gridlock will take generations to fix.

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