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@kite wrote:

Like David McWilliams said, the property market is nothing more than a giant pyramid scheme that the Government sold us.
We bought it hook line and sinker.
My apologies to the Communities for Sustainable Development group and supporters, Cllrs. David McCarthy and Gerry Buttimer for pouring scorn on their views over the past number of years.
Jacobs Island is an example of how it should NOT be done!

Its not that the design is bad, more like the location and siting is not appropriate. I am not convinced that it requires enlisting with “Red Mick” and his Luddite cohorts though, and as for “weather cock” Jerry, if there is votes in them towers his ambivalence to planning disasters will soon return.With our changing enviornment, taller buildings will have to be accepted and tolerated, but this need not be a knee jerk reaction. Proper design and land designation will allow for sustainability. In fairness to the Council, they have been braver than most Authorities in relation to taller buildings (notwithstanding their urge to behead a few storeys) but caution must be exercised.

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