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Planning and Development Act, [2000.]
Section 191.
Reasons for the Refusal of Permission which Exclude

20. The development would contravene materially a development
objective indicated in the development plan for the zoning of land for
the use solely or primarily of particular areas for particular purposes
(whether residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural, recreational,
as open space or otherwise or a mixture of such uses).
21. (a) Subject to paragraph 22, paragraphs 19 and 20 shall not
apply in a case where a development objective for the
use specified in paragraph 20 applied to the land at any
time during the periof a development plan and the
development objective of which was changed as a result
of a variation of the plan during such period prior to the
date on which the relevant application for permission was
made to develop the land, and the development would
not have contravened materially that development

Can you provide a link to the Section where it states the above?

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