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@kite wrote:

Fair play to Cllr. Sean Martin, the only Councillor that questioned the wisdom of spending more public money on the area without some guarantee of results.
“We need to get it right this time” said Cllr. Martin, (right on)

well, i assume the man is talking to himself when he says “we”, arent they responsible for implementing it given they approved the spend? or will they write another strongly worded letter to the government.

as for the bonded warehouses, once you are finished your nice meal and a glass of vino, then you hop on the little ferry that brings you down the marina and drops you off in cobh, crosshaven or carrigaline

the planning for those proposed litte passenger things is coming up soon, the issue seems to be how they can come up the river and not wreck the rowing clubs and other peoples uses of the water. Will be interesting to see how they get around it, needs a bit of innovation i think

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