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Talks of economic downturn and all what would be the 4 developments you would like to see go ahead in the city no matter what and why??

No.1 in the city centre I would go for getting rid of the now empty Capitol Cinema as a must to rejuvenate Grand Parade……as far as I know it is under appeal at the moment but hopefully will go ahead.

No.2 to finish off Cornmarket St with the development at Kyrl’s Quay, don’t know at what stage this is but it would cover up that multi storey car park and clean up one of the biggest derelict sites at the moment.

No.3 is HH proposal for the docklands, this is the most important and my opinion has to ahead for the economic development of Cork. It will include a new bridge, conference/concert venue, landmark buildings, office plate size to compete with Dublin and in the present economic climate much needed construction jobs. BTW when are we expected to hear a final decision on this?

No.4 is the reorientation of the train station and the development Horgan’s Quay, this I cannot see happening for the next 5 years, couldn’t manage to do anything with it during the boom and in tougher times there is not a hope…….but it is much needed as well, as the train station is the first introduction a lot of people get to our city and you know first impressions last!

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