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Hey there,

Wasn’t in Cork for months, but was there the weekend before last. Grand Parade is looking well! I like the boardwalk type thingy that they’re doing by the river. I didn’t get over to the Coal Quay, but any word on that new Cornmarket Dev opening anytime soon? Habitat has closed in Dublin and Galway, so it won’t be in Cork! I think someone said TKMaxx before, hopefully there’ll be other shops too though! There’s a serious lack of decent mens shops in the city at the moment. A couple of good concessions were lost with the move from Roches to Debenhams. I presume the Academy St dev will attract some big names. Footfall here in Dub is down a good bit, having said that – town’s still busy!

I remember reading the Echo years ago, all about doing-up the Coal Quay etc…..and more recently about the Capitol cinema site. Would love for these all to get going!! But planning etc stands in the way, unless I’m worng and there are other issues!? Love going back to Cork and having a good walk around when I’m there. It’s really got a cosmo/cafe culture going on. Love the lanes around Paul St.

Anyone have any inside news on the shops that might be coming to Cork?

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