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Radioactiveman wrote:
Well things are just ‘falling down’ all over the place aren’t they??

Yesterday, around lunchtime, number 38 Shandon Street collapsed onto the street, bringing with it some scaffolding and wrecking a parked car and a much abused telephone box.

Number 38, along with 37, 39 and 40 Shandon Street and a site at the rear of no. 40 are owned by Murrayforde developments (Paul Forde and Tom Murray). They had tried, largely unsuccessfully, to gain planning permission for various permutations of the site (just 37 + 38; just 39 + 40; all the site; and just the site at the rear of number 40).
Around Christmas, the roof of number 40 became loose and was removed. More recently, number 39 and 40 were demolished (apparently with out planning permission but with an OK from CCC who deemed them unsafe…although I’m open to correction on this). A (unauthorised??) development is now being constructed on the site of 39 and 40.
After yesterday’s collapse, number 37 and 38 have been demolished to ground floor level.

Left to Right, Numbers 37, 38,39 and 40 Shandon Street. Numbers 39 and 40 are highlighted.

In the early hours of this morning, a warehouse on Kyrls Quay burnt down in what, by all accounts was a huge blaze, with all available fire brigade units in the city at the scene.
This warehouse was part of an overall development for which planning permission is being sought for a huge retail, hotel and apartment development. It was also part of the site for which an architectural competition was held as part of Cork2005. The development is currently at Further Information with CCC.

The interesting thing is that both the site on Kyrls Quay and the collapsed buildings on Shandon Street are owned by the same company….Murrayforde Development.

Very suspicious allright……..very suspect.

The proposed development on Kyrls Quay is brutal and any planner signing off on that heap would want to do it 1 day before retirement.

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