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@Saucy Jack wrote:

Residents of Ringaskiddy must be fully aware of the area that the live in and an extension of the port was always on the cards for years and plans by Port of Cork to open a link to Northern Spain will actually reduce truck movements around the country.

I knew a fellah living in Little Island and started to object to Cork Main Drainage and their treatment plant there as he could see all the pipes heading his way.

A bit late when you are living in Little Island Industrial zone etc.

we’ll agree to disagree so.
I think the way Port of Cork are going about it is poor, and if the transport and infrastructure was in there already like it should be, there would be far fewer objectors.
I still cant figure ot if Port of Cork are a semi state or what their status is. If they are a state body, then if they move to Ringaskiddy, then let the funds from the development of the lands at Tivoli be put back into the public coffers for Corks benefit, we might get the train station moved around then and some Docklands built and a decent transport system put in to the city.

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