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@Saucy Jack wrote:

But of course !

Cork Harbour is under utilised for both commercial,tourism and leisure activity.

Cork – Swansea ferry link badly needed.

Cobh marina required – the jewel (crumbling and neglected) does not have a mooring for a single yacht and subsequently no tourism potential from sailing.

Haulbowline & Spike Island has massive tourism potential along with Camden & Carlisle Forts.

Its a bit rich for the well heeled residents of Monkstown objecting when Ringaskiddy Pharmaceutical plants are right in their eyeline.

ah yes, i agree with all your points bar the last one
the pharma plants are indeed in their eyeline but far away and small. Large cranes and containers and noise and activity 24/7 right outside your door is what the ringaskiddy residents would have to put up with. Not to mention the trucks that are projected to go on to the road every 34 seconds while the place is being built.

They cant do anything until the N28 funding is decided, which NRA says wont be decided until 2010 which means it cant be started until 2011 if the funding is given, which means it wont be finished until 2013 and Port of Cork could only start building then so they wont be operational until 2015. Thats if the funding for the road is actually given at all.

Will be interesting to see what happens.

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