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@who_me wrote:

Hmmm.. I think one of those images of the Clontarf St. proposal is a bit misleading, it certainly looks far taller in the view from Patrick’s Quay than from Parnell Place.

Either way, it’s still a rather bland design when compared to the really unusual initial proposal (images of which must still be around on an old thread). This really bugs me. Sorry if I go on about this, but it’s as if the mantra of the powers that be is: tall, slender buildings (particularly those of daring design), or buildings with any kind of interesting ornamention or detail, will not be tolerated. I don’t recall many buildings that actually improved as they went through the planning process.

I will say in this case, perhaps it is a couple of stories too tall given the buildings around it, but certainly the old design was far more interesting. (And yes I care! That second image posted is almost exactly the view from my living room window! ;))

I have to agree with you, I preferred the origional design as well. I came across this image of it.

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