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Not sure about this one, at least for the street as it stands. The Savoy and Easons both are closed off to Emmet Place. I think there’s only a kitchen fit-out shop open onto drawbridge street. Perhaps if Easons changed the orientation of their shop so that there was an opening onto drawbridge street the street would be more inviting. It would be great to see and extension of the Paul street area on towards lower Patrick steet though Emmet place creating a series of open spaces not unlike Temple bar.

There’s a bit more than that. There’s a bridal shop, a ladies clothes shop, the former Pine Pitch premises and a back entrance to Champion Sport. In addition, planning permission has been granted to replace Cubiculo Bar with retail units. The main problem as I see it is the residential units that were built there in th 90s. Aside from the awful bland design, I can’t see them changing usage in a hurry. But pedestrianisation of the street might encourage another use to be found there,

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