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I agree completely. There is far too much of a preoccupation with preserving the recent past, often to the detriment of decent design. To be honest half the listed buildings in Cork are mediocre, and are of limited historical significance. I mean, buildings have always been knocked and made way for others, so why all of a sudden are we so paranoid about losing them, and jeopardising the lasting impact that much better designed modern buildings could have, instead of this mish mash of old and new, which in my opinion often doesnt work. Slight tangent, I know.

Disagree 15,000%.

It’s not nostalgia that makes people want to retain the older buildings. It’s the designs. The older buildings in Cork offer more interesting facades, interesting shapes providing a contrast of light & shadow, more interesting materials offering grain & texture.

Most of the new buildings we’re seeing are, let’s face it, crap. Horribly, nastily bland cuboids with bland, flat elevations which offer no interesting eye-catching shadow during daytime (or night time spot-lighting). No interesting materials but glass & metal which offer no grain – nothing at all to catch the eye, no ornamention. Just large, bland planes with no features of interest. And if there’s one quality which doen’t improve with quantity, it’s blandness. And yet – most of these bland cuboids are crassly oversized for their context! (though this particular one is far from the worst).

These buildings may look fine in 6 inch models, but when scaled up to life-size, the lack of texture, of grain, of light & shadow that these buildings provide engenders a horrible, featureless living environment. Is it any wonder that so many people would prefer to live in decades old converted mills, warehouses, factories with bare stone & brick walls, rather than ugly blandness like the Elysian.

Patrick St. has been blessed by the absence of buildings like these.

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