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@Radioactiveman wrote:

The lane is named after Mr. Riggs Faulkner who opened a bank there in the 1760’s.

Of course, if were to continue in that vein, it should be called O’Callaghan’s Lane.

Hopefully not.

Opera Avenue is too grand…..Crawford Lane ?

Lane is too small but they are widening the lane after all ?

How about Street ?

Plenty of Streets in Cork have great historical names going way back to when Cork was a loyal part of the British Empire etc.Hanover St,Coburg St.Caroline St.Marlboro St and so on.

The renaming of this lane is the least of our worries with this development.

It would be great if C.C.C. pedestrianised the streets Drawbridge St and the back of the Savoy & Easons also.

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