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@Saucy Jack wrote:

What should the public name it ?

How about Faulkner’s Lane?
Its radical, I know, but I think it might work…. 🙂

I think PTB hit the nail on the head: Its not the Opera bit I particularly object to. Its the Avenue.
Opera Lane or even Opera Street might be better. But Faulkner’s Lane is preferable.

It begs the question, why are they proposing to rename the street at all? Are Dunnes proposing to rename St. Patrick Street just because they are building on it? Ditto Frinailla and the Grand Parade? If the lane is to be maintained then it should retain its own name. Renaming it, in conjunction with the naming of the Shopping Centre removes its sense of public space and makes it part of the shopping centre rather than part of the City. It makes the development seem as if it is swallowing up the lane rather than what is actually happening – rebuilding is occurring along the lane (albeit at the smae time and by the same developer).

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