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They treat Patrick Street as they see fit.

After years of looking at that CIE ugly kiosk near Golden Dsics, they at least replaced it with something presentable.

Now I note a green thing has appeared near Guinness house, looks like something from the set of Doctor Who. A metallic stucture, on concrete blocks. Does anyone know what this is? If it’s some sort of tourist info set-up, don’t we have a permanent one already on the Grand Parade?

The eyesore outside Bishop Lucey Park seems to have ground to a halt. I like the way it fills up with rainwater, and cans and bottles float aound it. Very stylish. While I’m on the subject of the Grand Parade, it’s taken the skateboarder brigade no time at all to move into the newly-paved area, even though lots of ‘no skateboarding signs’ are in place. Gardai – hello??

The silence regarding Cork Airport’s 113m debt is deafening. Michael McGrath and Micheal ‘Amgen is coming’ Martin – you’re a disgrace. Cullen gifts €26m to Waterford Airport last year. Does anyone care?

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