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What a ramshackle crew that have objected to the Beacon Medical Group co-location hospital plans for the grounds of the CUH.
The Wilton Gardens Residents who will have nowhere for their doggies to take a crap outside their own large gardens.
The Laburnum Residents who will see the value of their multi million euro properties fall by having the great unwashed receiving vital medical assistance in the BMG hospital.
Socialist / “Commie Red” Cllr. Barry.
Government “members” Senator Dan Boyle and Cllr. Chris O’Leary.

:oAt least the above mentioned had the BALLS to follow their public mutterings, unlike Clune who apparently sent her submission to the wrong department in CCC, “Amgen” Martin and his sidekick (my nixer in Europe, thanks Miceal) Shields who shut the F**K up when told to do so by their betters in the FF mafia, and Michael (no airport debt) McGrath who is now safely on his way to a state pension.

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