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Just as a recap (particularly for those not living in Cork) of the previously mentioned developments which are currently in progress in Cork (I don’t have photos of any of these, but if anyone is interested let me know and I’ll take some at the weekend) :

– Jury’s Hotel is finished and open for business, and the other apartment building next to it by the riverside is too. There’s quite a nice river side terrace too, great place to spend a sunny evening if we ever have one again..

– The Elysian is almost complete, is due to open in less than a month now? Looks ok, but the grey cladding used is about as dull as it sounds. Still, I wouldn’t be surprised if half of Cork didn’t go for a showhouse viewing! 🙂

– The Cornmarket development – this must be one of the slowest developments in recent years in Cork! It’s finally getting there. It may look a bit odd with the run-down stalls outside! Having the entrance on Paul St. too should make it more readily accessible.

– Academy St. development – the existing buildings have been knocked, bar the Patrick St. frontage. I assumed these were going too bar the Chateau and the building on the corner, does anyone know? Or even – what’s the status of the planning application? Any idea when we’ll know for certain what this looks like?

– Dunnes Stores – cranes have been onsite for some time though, but again I’m not sure what the status is of the planning submission. The three building facades which have been retained are quite nice, but I don’t think being lumped together in the same colour scheme does them much favours and the glass block that’ll be going alongside them won’t help much either.

– Parnell Place/South Mall/Beasley St. Hotel. It’s hard to make out what the Oliver Plunkett St facade (what’s left of it! 😡 ) will look like, but oddly the Beasley St. elevation may be the most interesting. Should be a great addition to the city centre all the same!

– Fr. Mathews Quay development – Dire. I take it back now, there are worse things than a decrepit, decaying wreck.

– Trinity Court – adjacent to the existing apartment development there’s a new office (I think) building. Haven’t seen any plans, I’m guessing a similar style to the apartment block.

– Crosses Green development – site has been levelled, now to be an office block. Judging by the images I’ve seen, I sincerely hope it never gets started.

– Clarke’s Bridge development – I hadn’t been by that area in a while so was surprised to see the progress made, though since I don’t know when it started I’ve no idea how quickly it’s actually going! 🙂

– Lower Glanmire Rd. development – I think there’s a new development going on near Unity House, but haven’t passed up that direction in a while either. Haven’t seen any plans of what’s going in there.

If I’ve missed anything, feel free to fill in the gaps!

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