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@corkdood wrote:

I wonder what action if any the Residents will take now. Personally I think it will clean up an area which has long been prone to loitering and antisocial behaviour.

Any news on the city councils plan to purchase 90 odd apartments in atkins hall on the lee road for downsizing elderly tenants? Won’t they need bus services, lifts etc to make the apartments accessible to the elderly.

;)Some might suggest an alternative motive other than city council civic mindedness for the purchase of 96 apartments at Atkins Hall for the knockdown sum of 25,365,000 euro for elderly residents, after all that equates to only 265,000 per flat, and we all remember the huge queues of punters looking to purchase same over the past few years?
The fact that there is no bus service, no lifts, no amenities such as post offices, shops, pubs etc, and reports of all night parties and anti social behaviour in the area should really suit the 80year olds that the units are aimed at!

Still the city managers assurances within the past week that outstanding development issues plus issues with the management company, and that the units will be suitable for older residents will I am sure, put minds at ease!!

:eek:Amazing how many housing units are on offer to, and are being purchased by the City Council now that the market has changed for the worse?

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