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yeah, stakeholders really i suppose, i cant think of many visionaries can you? 🙂

I wonder Is O’ Flynns visionary for applying yet again for 1200 more houses at Dunkettle roundbaout, where they were refused by Bord Pleanla before due to poor road access and traffic congestion?

Definetely visionary (yeah right) are the NRA who in a remarkable co incidence, after months of absolute silence, have released the finalised route of the N28 to Ringaskiddy according to the Examiner. This might be remotely connected to the fact that the Oral Hearing into the Port of Cork terminal in Ringaskiddy is happening in the next few weeks and the 500 or so objectors all probably cited the lack of roads abiility to cope with current traffic levels, let alone new port levels as one of the main objections.

Amazingly the route then appeared.

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