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@kite wrote:

It was the HSE / Government that instructed BMG to seek the co-location proposal on the grounds of the CUH, nowhere else was acceptable to the Government, how does Martin then oppose the plan?.

who knows, the joy of politics – at least he followed through on what he says, Mary O’ Rourke deplored the lack of ABA services for autistic kids recently and then promptly voted for the government

@kite wrote:

BMG could not discuss the plan with residents under an agreement under the Government / EU co-location license..

lack of transparency from the government will always cause grief – they still havent learned

@kite wrote:

city planners care little about the residents of the area as the local elected members are a big joke…

Probably a fair point – twice O’ FLynns have been granted planning by the local authority for 1200 houses at Dunkettle WITHOUT any infrastructure being put in to cater for it. I mean Dunkettle is a disaster now and the planners see fit to allow at least 1200 more cars in the mornings and evnings at peak time? Mad. If Bord Pleanala werent there to add some sense to the whole thing I’d be terrified.

@kite wrote:

3G cribbed and bitched about objectors to their developments yet now the hunter seems to have become a gamekeeper?…

If you had proposed a large medical centre only around the corner which was refused due to the poor road infrastructure and less than a month later Beacon are encouraged to build something pretty similar irrespective of the reasons for 3G’s refusal, what would you do? I’d object as strenuously as the rest

@kite wrote:

Like I said before, if BMG get permission for this proposal I will quit posting on this site and eat my hat without salt…..with the Cork Mafia the poor guys just don’t stand a chance.

I tell you, the planners will grant permission with a load of conditions and Bord Pleanala will blow it out of the water (and if they dont, maybe 3G will have a strong case for judicial review and could delay it even more)

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