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:eek:An unholy alliance of indivudals and groups has made submissions on the BMG / CUH co-location hospital proposal.
:rolleyes:Amgen Martin is all over the radio and TV about the great news that 150 jobs are going to be rolled out over the next 3 years in Cork while at the same time objecting to the beautifully designed BMG proposed building and the 12-1500 jobs that would bring to Cork.

The Cork Docklands has a better chance of being fully compleated by the end of March than BMG have of getting permission for the CUH grounds.

to be fair, i think its more the fact that the planners railroaded the site through i.e. apparently told beacon that the CUH site was the only one available to them even though the area has very poor transport and infrastructure and is a blackspot for congestion – Beacon to be fair also didnt exactly engage with the local residents until the last minute (from the media reports anyway)

I think if the City planners had bothered to engage with the residents and released a half decent transport plan with guaranteed funding for the roads upgrade then it might have knocked off a few objections. Its not fair on the people living there either if their house is suddnely overshadowed. And why was the 3G proposal for a medical centre adjacent to CUH blocked whereas suddenly Beacons seems perfecetly acceptable?

Begs the question as to a) how local councillors dont know what the planners in their local council are doing and b) where is the report that shows that the CUH site is the best one for a co location hospital.

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