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Bertie in Cork yesterday had no problem remembering back 50 years to the Munich disaster, pity he has a blank when before Mahon. :eek:Still he is going to do his best for the Docklands.
:mad:Minister Martin (Amgen are coming) now rejects 1500 jobs for the CUH site despite that site being the only one that BMG were told by Government to consider when making a hospital co-location application in Cork.
McGrath now feels that Cork Airport should be saddled with a multi million debt.

U turns are one thing, this is pure acrobatics.

What a pity we don’t have an opposition party in Cork.
:oClune, Burke, the John and Jerry show (Buttimer), Corr.
We really deserve the mess we are in with a brainless shower that only worry about whose turn it is to be the next Lord Mayor (Bermingham next June, Ahhhh no…)

Lynch, Coveney, Boyle, please wake up and help us, before it’s too late.

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