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i’d agree about the lack of joined up thinking – i’ve tried to get info re the N28 from councillors but slowly realised that they dont know much either (and scarily they have the power to rezone land) – the council say its a and local TD’s say they have nothing to do with it that its the NRA but isnt the NRA government appointed?

the Port of Cork have called for the N28 to be done now but I think their planning application was premature without the N28 being built but there is no funding for it so who knows when it will be built

I always dissed the idea of a Dublin V Cork thing but Kinsale Rd flyover delayed for years, no sarsfield rd flyover, no bandon rd flyover, airport debt, no docklands incentives, bit of a joke

Michael McGrath TD has rowed back on his pre election stance about Cork airport as well, one of his election stances was that Cork Airport be debt free but now he says it should accept 50/60 million debt

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