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well, Mikey Martin TD has apparently come out and said the BMG plans are “unsustainable” due to lack of local infrastructure

A northside city Councillor is calling on Cork City Council to formally invite the Beacon Medical Group to Cork so that they can view the grounds of the Orthopaedic Hospital with a view to building the co-location hospital on Cork’s northside.
Cllr. David McCarthy said that given the huge investment the city has put into infrastructure on the northside, and that the North Ring relief road as proposed will skirt the grounds of the hospital, makes it is an ideal location for the co-location project.
He added that, the people of the northside would also welcome with open arms, the 500 plus full time jobs and the 1000 plus ancillary jobs associated with the project.

That will really put it up to Minister Martin (aka, NIMBY, Amgen, Cork Airport), and the dozen or so locals who think 1500 jobs are not needed in their back yard.

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