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True enough, I’ll be looking straight across at it . But there again this is going to happen any site they go for. Maybe there is one,but I do not know of a site that has sea access/space with the road infrastructure that would be any better.
Marino has the rail right enough but roads…… 🙁

am sure the people of Tivoli will be happy though…

I see your point, I’ll be one of the ones driving into the traffic every morning with 1 truck every two minutes being put on to the already over congested N28 (which, according to the traffic assessment will be affected significantly at peak traffic times). Logic simply gone out the window.

I suppose the overall point is that no one seems to strategically sit down and look 20 years ahead and see what the city could be like. Someone could have years ago in a planning department wondered why it might be strange to allow people to live in probably what was once the quiet village of Ringaskiddy and then add in giant industrial plants all around. And I’m not saying the plants shouldnt have been built, its always a dilemma between providing thousands of jobs and building things in residential areas.

The bottom line for me re the Port of Cork is that the development seems to be based on the redeveloped N28. For which no one knows when teh funding for same will appear. The roads cant cope as it is due to bad planning in that loads of housing were granted in Carrigaline but no transport (and there is no funding to implement any of the recent transport solutions from the Atkins traffic study that took 2 years to complete).

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