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well to be fair, i dont think its the residents in Cobh left the place to be semi derelict. Perhaps the local authority might explain why the place hasnt been developed better i.e. less housing estates. They probably would also point out the lack of funding for anything for which they are essentially powerless apart from writing strong letters from what I can see. Spare a thought for the residents of Ringaskiddy, Its hard to know how the levels of traffic will cope but you would think container traffic would at the least be noisy and dirty. The road wont be able to cope with much more of an increase, try getting from Carrigaline to Cork at commuter times – think of extra container traffic arriving on to the roads at the same time shifts finish at the plants in Ringaskiddy. I thought I saw somewhere that they could organise the container traffic to be on the road at non peak times but I’d be interested to see how that could be enforced. Add in the fact that the N28 doesnt yet have funding to be developed let alone begin construction. Interesting to see what happens.

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