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I would consider unsustainable development the 20 years of sprall further on outside the city in places such as Carrigaline and Ballincollig, towns which now spread about 4 to 6 miles across and are totally car dependant. This O’Callaghan Properties Jacobs Island proposal is the way to go and planners/councillors should welcome it and take the opportunity to have O’Callaghan contribute towards a light rail into the city or the like, as part of the conditions. In fact the whole Mahon Point centre/retail park should have been planned better. The carparking should be condensed into multistory structures and apartments included over the centres. Then there would be room for green areas/parks just like the Blackpool retail park… now thats what I call a well designed and sustainable development rather than the single or two story centres around the city with acres of car parking.

Not sure how a light rail link into the city will work for all the people that commute to the blackrock/mahon area for their jobs from outside of the city, which will increase significantly when the City Gate/Boland Developments, Motorola plant come online; nor do i see how such a scheme will work for people in Jacobs Island that do not work within the City.

this is the suburbs, not the docklands, and I can’t see how a single No. 10 bus route that travels 3 times during morning peak hour (with capacity of about 170) can ever hope to deal with a development of this scale that, if everything is built, will have 575 (original Jacobs Island density), 325 new apartments, 36 new apartments and 180 bedroom hotel… or 1100. considering the residential element alone, this is 926 units. Based on 325 units in Jacobs Island today, this is an increase of 280% in the current size… does anyone really believe this can be achieved without adding misery to the existing traffic situation?

maybe you should consider the living conditions of existing and future purchasers of such units and see if that is sustainable rather than the property development.

the city gate development has a traffic and transport assesment that considers a traffic island and traffic lights to accomodate the additional traffic into their site… the assesment seemed only to consider the mahon linkroad junction, (ie the immediate junction) and not the impact on the main artery which is the mahon interchange.

the current OCP plan suggests 0 (zero) need to provide any changes to the existing Mahon Interchange to mitigate any additional traffic problems… hoping that Bus Eireann will help out!!! what poppycock!

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