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I would have one significant criticism of the way Blackppol was developed and that is that the retail park and shopping centre completely fail to integrate into the rest of Blackpool. It’s the same with most of Cork’s suburban shopping centres, with only Douglas and Ballincollig not involving a trudge across several acres of car parking to get access to them. Entrance onto the main street, parking round the back. It’s pretty simple really, but the developers of Douglas Court, Mahon Point, Wilton, Bishopstown, Bishopstown Court, Blackpool and Ballyvolane don’t seem to have realised.

Blackpools S.C. ?
It has sucked the life out of Blackpool village.

AIB Bank gone.
Garda Station going.
X-Tra Vision gone.
Hickeys gone.
T&A going.
Countless empty retail units.
Derelection RAMPANT

You could also say the same for what Mahon Point has done to Patrick St. empty shop units – No Zara or Habitat,H&M etc.Shoppers paying through the nose for parking,Clampers everywhere.

The only hope is that Mahon has an old railway line going through it for possible future light-rail but seeing as the Govt cannot get the Irish Rail investment up and running,Docklands incentives,Decentralisation or shafting Cork Airport right we will be waiting.

Rember build thousands of Houses,Apartments then infrastructure.

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