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Jacobs Island looks vaguely interesting, shouldnt be built though until the transport is in first i.e. can the raods at peak times cope with the extra cars expected, are there regular buses for the people there, what specific date will the light rail be finished?

the fact that most of those questions will provoke a negative response means its the usual build everything and cause transport chaos – recent case in point, someone mentioned Carrigaline as being a victim of sprawl – after 2 years of waiting for the traffic study to be complete, it was finished some months ago but it has now emerged there is no funding at all to implement any of the study but at the same time it looks as if more land was rezoned for residential in Carrigaline.

“O’Flynn Construction planning application 1210 houses, and 10 year lifetime for planning application” – where was that for? The lands at Dunkettle again? Yes, it was refused previously pending a change in road layout and the fact that the existing roads wouldnt be able to cope.

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