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In other news, according to today’s Examiner, the Bodega has been sold again. It looks like it will be staying as a licensed premises rather than becoming a retail outlet.[/QUOTE]

Maybe it speaks of how little trust I have in the planning process but I find the “happy” ending to the Bodega saga heartening. I’m not in the architectural / planning game so I bow to the views of those of you that are. A lot of you who seem informed believe there are a select few Cork developers who get preferential treatment from City Council and I take this on trust. In that case though it is good to see (from a democratic point of view – not anything personal against OCP) that OCP who bought the Bodega for retail use had their application for change of use turned down and hence are selling it on (at a loss I’d imagine as they paid top dollar) as a licensed premises. The main reasons I’m happy to see this are:

1. It is a really great building/pub/bar and it was madness to think of altering its use. It is a jewel in the city’s crown.
2. It seems to suggest that it is not the case that certain developers can do as they please. I must say I always thought that when developers take a punt of buying prop / lands that need a change of zoning / use that they are doing so having already received assurances from the relevant planners. This indicates that it isn’t so and suggests that the OCP proposal at Cork Con and the Castlelands proposal for Douglas GC are not “done deals”.

I hope the new owner(s) of the Bodega make a good fist of it. It is a great space and traditionally a great pub. Whilst Cork lacks enough good night time venues when compared with Dublin it does have a few gems and is generally, IMHO, a slightly cooler city because of the kind of venues around. I hope the Bodega stays true to that tradition.:)

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