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My personal view is that there will be no problem whatsoever in getting permission for this site as the local Councillors are weak, and the Bishopstown Community Association (BCA) are funded through the CCC, so they won’t rock the boat.
If it was in Blackrock, and Cllr. Terry Shannon or Cllr. Denis O’Flynn were keeping watch I would be concerned, the only fly in the ointment here is the Communities for Sustainable Development crowd, or possibly Cllr. Jerry Buttimer (a CSD member anyway), as the GAA has many members in that area.
All the NIMBY’s in that area have large front and back gardens, what they need a green area for is beyond me, unless they need somewhere for their poodles to s*it.

Well done. There is so much crap of a different kind going about the green. If the green was situated in what these people call a “working class ” area, would there be such an outcry, or such a “to do” as they would put it. I can remember going to that green thirty years ago and playing football with my mates and was asked for my name and address and promptly told to go back to my own area by a claasy lady with vivid blue marygold gloves.

Private property comes at a price, and these people must be made to realise this. If they wanted the green for themselves, (as they seem to have regarded this area as there own private public green) then why did they not purchase the area themselves. Are these people above our constitution which defends the right to hold private property ?
As for the City Council ! Their attempt to re-write the constitution with their variation on the development plan is embarrising. Would they have jumped so high if the green was in Knocknaheeney? I doubt it, but their fumbling attempt to say that the zonings in their development plan do not really mean what they say is laughable, and play into the hands of the new owner.

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