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@Pug wrote:

i’d say your rant is allowed in fairness blimp

I thought the “event” centre money was to do with a conference venue, the one that howard holdings will build, in the papers that works out about €8m of public funds

I think they are still doing some of the public park but certainly sorting out another 16 or so acres for the stadium is “interesting”. Might be an arms length commercial transaction, whats the value per acre of development land in the docklands that the GAA would have to pay?

I’m hoping its more likely that the land is given via a deal that makes the stadium multi discipline sports available. Media reports have only described it as multi use (could be interpreted as gaa + concerts) rather than multi discipline. A letter writer to the examiner today shares this concern , along with a lot of other people. It will be incumbent on the city soon to declare straight out that the stadium will be for multi discipline or not. Get in touch with your local councillor, thats their job.

To be fair, looking for 60,000 seat stadium will surely require other sports to pay for it – take out the cost of the site though as they own it already and it might be interesting to do a few sums

Its only a submission so far anyway

😉 If a developer that was a member of the Cork mafia proposed the land swap deal with the Munster Agricultural Society would the “management” of Cork City Council followed through with a CPO of the site?

😉 There is NO guarantee that the GAA will get an extension to their grounds in the docklands, Mr. Gavin indicated that he would look favorably on such a suggestion, this is seen by “some” as an effort to appease his minions of elected members that “some” may suggest are indications and words that will (like the movie states), be “Lost in Translation” when the time suits.

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