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Re. the GAA plans – some may cry ‘sour grapes’ in light of our efforts to build an events centre on the Showgrounds site – ….but…the fact is that our submission was ruled out of order because ‘that’ land was CPO’d and firmly determined to become a major public park.

Now we get this, and of course anyone that objects would be cast in a poor light. To be honest I’d love to see a major contemporary stadium down there … but … only in a multi-disciplinary role, and I can’t see Frankie-boy allowing same. If he does then fair dues, but if he doesn’t then I don’t believe the city can make ANY argument in favour of tangibly supporting it.

Some points here worth noting:

1. City Hall (to the best of my knowledge) has NOT called in the Owen O’Callaghan penalty fee for not developing an events centre in Mahon Point. (4+ million Euro)

2. City Hall has NOT (it would appear) followed through on its own recent submission criteria for development of events centre, which stated (clearly) that the 12 million given would be in return for a 25% equity stake. Seems like they’re just given the 12 million to the winner!

3. Now there’s a chance that City Hall may just give away land (Showgrounds) that will cost them a LOT to CPO. At best they’ll do a ‘deal’ which I doubt will reflect recent land value indicators in the docklands area.

Guys, in my opinion there’s something seriously ‘iffy’ about the way the ‘echelons’ of Cork’s business community interact with City management. I’ve direct experience of this from our own recent fiasco, and I’ve a ridiculous amount of related stories from others who’ve been frustrated from other experiences.

Apols on the rant 😮

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