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@jungle wrote:

60K would be a crazy size for GAA matches only.

thats what I would have thought, by all means we can all send in an “observation” when it comes to planning time urging that it be multi use if it hasnt been stated already – you have to hand it to the GAA and I’m not a lover of them but they do make the FAI look like idiots

@jungle wrote:

On a completely different tack, anyone know what’s happening with the old TSB premises in Douglas. There seems to be some work going at last. The building has been empty since the merger with Irish Permanent.

i think thats its being done up so Bank of Ireland can go in there while Clayton Love redevelop Douglas Shopping Centre – started already, hence the roadworks on the Sth County side – looks like there will be a road alongside the sth link wall that you will be able to drive from the Sth County side of Douglas along to where the Shell garage is and then along to Douglas Court – I am completely open to correction on that one

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