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@jungle wrote:

60K would be a crazy size for GAA matches only. You could realistically only sell all those seats for the Munster Football and Hurling Finals and some of the bigger hurling matches in addition. Then those matches will have to be shared with Thurles and some will have to be at neutral venues.

On a completely different tack, anyone know what’s happening with the old TSB premises in Douglas. There seems to be some work going at last. The building has been empty since the merger with Irish Permanent.

The GAA seem intent on building a selection of white elephant stadia around the country-e.g talk of a 42K capacity stadium in Ennis. They don’t IMO need much more than the model they have at various county grounds around the country at present i.e one covered comfortable stand and banks of terracing for the big games.
Re: the TSB in Douglas there is a site notice on it at present but I didn’t read it fully beyond it being a request for new signage.

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