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Just to clarify, does the ban on development over 3 stories cover all the suburban area or areas where there are established housing estates?. Will this effect the future development of Mahon/Jacobs Island/Blackpool areas where high rise buildings are proposed?. Finally, am I correct in saying that this bad is on residental development only, i.e. CSD would welcome 4, 5 or 6 story hospital or educational projects once there is not people living in them.

The ban on housing over 3 storeys applies to all areas covered by the Bishopstown / Wilton local area plan and applies only to apartments.
A vote was to be taken on the 3 storey ban that would have only affected the Bishopstown Village area but 2 or 3 (not quite sure how many of them were there as residents from the Northside were also present to hear about the Knocknaheeny regeneration plan)CSD members in the public gallery pushed for and got through a last minute amendment to cover all functional areas of the local area plan.

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