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I found that notice (planning notice on inside of back page of the Examiner) – I didnt see much about the waterfront mentioned – there does seem to be more open space mentioned but theres no mention of a Masterplan or redevelopment of Kent station – surely Manor Park havent submitted another plan without the masterplan given this was the prime reason for a refusal by CCC of the first application – maybe CCC has been given the Masterplan – or else CIE and Manor Park are just dragging out the whole thing for some reason – Manor PArk was up for sale recently so who knows what will happen

Thirteen grounds for refusal were noted including failures to adequately provide for ‘a new Kent Station’, for a National Primary Road, ‘to provide a high quality public realm and public open space’, ‘to provide the Quayside Amenity Area in any form on Horgans Quay’, ‘to conserve the Goods Depot (Protected Structure)’, ‘to provide pedestrian linkages from the development to the City Centre’, ‘Tall building unacceptable as a matter of principle due to location and scale’ and ‘the general building height is contrary to the development plan’.

Building height proposal is down to 11 storeys, no sign of Kent Station plan, no sign of Quayside amenity, road and open space proposals improved – will we open the bookies on this proposal getting through?

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