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Don’t get too excited Pug!!
As far as I can see the application is for:
210 residential units, creche, community facilities, a PORTION of Horgan’s Quay Square, basement parking, a new road off Water Street connecting to Horgan’s Quay, demolition of portion of old boundary wall.
The 210 apartments are in two blocks (Blocks D & E, suggesting there is much more still to come) to the eastern end of the site. Block D ranges from 2-8 storeys, Block E ranges from 2-11 storeys.
The portion of Horgan’s Square sought in this application will be laid with grass until such time as the rest of Horgan’s square is developed.
There appears to be no attempt to integrate the CIE workshop (a protected structure) into the development.

Apologies for the very summary nature of the post. The full notice is on todays Irish Examiner.

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