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Radioactiveman wrote:
I’ve got to mention this one as an example of what some developers think they can get away with. An application is with CCC at the moment for permission to knock the former Language institute building on North Abbey Street and replace it with a new building.
Now, a lot of people probably don’t know where the street is, never mind the building! North abbey street is the small lane running west from O’Connors Funeral Home at the bottom of Shandon Street. And the building is at the end of this street, at the junction with the side street running off the North Mall.
It really is a fine victorian building. Its a pity it is in such a cramped position in there and can’t be seen as well as it should. I include the drawings of the present building (dont have an photo) and the proposed piece of rubbish. If CCC have any sense, they won]

Gone to further information 🙁 shudder!!

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