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“If CCC have any sense”

So, you don’t hold out much optimism either.. 😉

It’d be a pity, while I didn’t know the name of the street it is a charming little corner. It’d be nice if it were tidied up a little.

On another note, I noticed that a small part of the Dunnes facade on Patrick St. has been demolished, I’m assuming this is for the purpose of widening Bowling Green St? If so, it should be a substantial improvement on what was there beforehand, it’s noticeably wider and should be a good deal brighter too.

I’m not too concerned about the demolishment of the facade itself, it’s the two middle buildings which are interesting. It’s a pity actually, as the “second from West” facade is a really nice building, which was done no favours by being incorporated into the overall block/colour scheme. Likewise, the building to the West of the Savoy – part of Quills – is another attractive building which isn’t helped by being incorporated into the larger premises.

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