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Hey came across these pictures of new library off the Frinailla web site and this press release . general up beat stuff that you’d get from developer…

But i got to say i like this design of what i see of it. it’s not too high. it’s imposing in a good way which will break the curves of street scape nicely and at the same thing modernise the street which is over due it.

coming to think of it the street will be totaly different in say 3-4 years once all projects are complete i.e capital and all that block that the library is on etc.

New state-of-the-art Grand Parade Development
Jewel in the Crown of Cork City
Frinailla Developments will today lodge a planning application for a new state-of-the-art Grand Parade development which will include a world class library facility, retail/ office development as well as quality residential units that will lead to the re-population of a major part of Corks historical core. The development will potentially serve as a catalyst for the regeneration of Grand Parade, South Main Street and the wider environs west of the cities commercial core.
Cork City’s commitment and contribution to the Arts and academic culture is already well established, boasting Ireland’s leading research institute, UCC, and will now be further enhanced as an academic community with a new and improved library facility. Designed by award winning architects Reddy O’Riordain Staehli & Associates, the new city library will be a distinctive civic building with a high street presence and unique profile.
The proposed new city library has a gross floor area of 5,640 m sq or over 60,000 square feet provided over five floors and is more than twice the size of the current library. The new state-of-the-art library is set to become a quality landmark building in Cork City. It is acknowledged that the current Cork City Central Library is no longer adequate in size or in facilities for a city of Cork’s population or status. While the City Library has established itself as an integral feature of the city’s civic and cultural landscape, however the profile of the library does not fully reflect how important the building is as a resource. The quality of the fabric of the existing building is also poor and this is both detrimental to library stock and the image and status of the library within the city.
The key objectives and components of the design of the new city library include the following: the retention of Cork’s principal public library at its current Grand Parade location including the retention of its 1930s Hiberno-Celtic/ Art-Deco façade and to design and construct a sustainable building using energy efficient passive technology. Also the new library will be ambitious in terms of its service and facilities, offering not just a depository of books, but also a place of learning which offers a wide range of adult education classes, career support training together with ancillary meeting areas, a café and a venue for arts and leisure pursuits. The library will provide new services and venues not currently available to the library user such as the multi-purpose auditorium and purpose designed music rooms. Environmental benefits include using natural ventilation, maximising the use of natural light, passive solar energy and the harvesting of rainwater.
The concept for the new expanded City Library is bourn out of both the present and future needs of the Library service as well as the City’s soaring ambition which saw it designated as the European Capital of Culture 2005. The development of enhanced cultural and retail attractions on Grand Parade and the synergy generated will greatly enhance the profile of the Grand Parade and the city.
The proposed mixed use redevelopment anchored by a new and expanded City Library will allow the library to fulfil its function as an integral part of the educational, cultural and artistic fabric of the city. The development of enhanced cultural and retail attractions on Grand Parade and the synergy generated by both on a combined site is in accordance with the policies and objectives of the Cork City Development Plan and will enhance the profile of the city centre.
New street frontages will be constructed on Grand Parade and South Main Street and the present imbalance in the percentage of quality commercial space currently in the area will be addressed through the provision of a wide variety of retail and commercial facilities. Through the process of good urban design it is hoped to project a contemporary image and deliver an integrated development that will help boost the city pride and see the economic and social benefits spread over a wide area.
Also, the development will house a major new tourist attraction for the City. The Cork Hall of Fame will consist of a permanent exhibition, paying homage to those individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the development of a positive awareness of Cork on the international scene.
This ambitious development is expected to add to an already progressive and dynamic city culture providing the city with an improved central information resource right in the centre of the city. An area that was previously under-developed, this new development that includes a brand-new and contemporary apartment structure will inject life into this area of Cork City.
A spokesperson for Frinailla Developments said: “We are delighted with our new vision for a new world class central library for Cork City. The significance of the contribution that the development will make towards the urban regeneration of the area should not be underestimated. The Grand Parade which has been home of the current library since 1930 is steeped in history and it seems fitting that Cork should have a building of such cultural and civic importance at its core. With a new plaza, new residents and new quality shopping and leisure activities, the Central Library will at last have a home worthy of its presence and a building based on the best in contemporary library design – innovative and distinctive as well as evocative of the new sense of confidence that surrounds the city of Cork.”
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